Why us?

Why is Dws clinic's COSMETOLOGY COURSES needed for practicing cosmetologists?

We will give you completely new knowledge about innovative techniques in the field of cosmetology, which will bring you to a qualitatively new level of services. Practicing doctors and cosmetologists will share with you their knowledge about botulinum therapy, contouring - one of the most demanded and highly profitable services in the modern beauty industry.

Why is Dws clinic's COSMETOLOGY COURSES course needed for beginner cosmetologists?

After completing the courses, you can immediately start practical activities in the field of cosmetology: start your practice or get a job in cosmetology salons and clinics.

Basic cosmetology course curriculum

  • Subject and classification of modern cosmetology
  • Equipping a cosmetology institution
  • Sanitary and anti-epidemic regime of the cosmetology room
  • Sterilization and disinfection
  • Cosmetologist’s first aid kit (list of drugs)
  • Providing first aid in a cosmetology room in case of emergency
  • Personal brand of the beautician. The basics of marketing in cosmetology.  Social networks
  • The site is a tribute to tradition or a necessity. Discounts and promotions.  Pricing
  • Psychology of communication with a client. Psychological portrait of the client.  Theory + practice
  • Legal aspects of modern cosmetology. Medical law
  • Psychology of successful communication with a client. Theory + practice
  • Skin as an object of cosmetic influence.
  • The structure of the epidermis, dermis, hypodermis. The vascular system of the skin.
  • Neuroreceptor apparatus. Sweat, sebaceous glands.  Appendages of the skin
  • Features of male and female skin. Features of the skin of children and adolescents
  • General symptomatology of skin diseases. Primary morphological elements.
  • Secondary morphological elements. Fundamentals of the diagnosis of skin diseases.
  • Skin types. Skin research methods. Individual cosmetic treatment.
  • Practice
  • Determination of skin types.
  • Basic protocol for cosmetic procedures. Makeup remover, massage lines.
  • Review and testing of cosmetics
  • Pathology of the sebaceous glands. Seborrhea. Acne rosacea. Perioral dermatitis
  • Combined cleaning.
  • Pathology of the sebaceous glands. Acne disease. Demodectic mange. Cosmetical tools.
  • Treatment methods.
  • Face cleaning. Treatments for problem skin
  • Hypomelanosis. Hypermelanosis. Correction.
  • Treatments for pigmented skin.
  • Sensitive and dry skin. Correction methods.
  • Masks: alginate, plaster, collagen. Development of application.
  • Chronic aging and photoaging of the skin. Aging theories. Correction methods.
  • Masks: alginate, plaster, collagen. Development of application.
  • Biochemistry of cosmetics. Polynucleotides, enzymes, peptides, amino acids in cosmetology.
  • Basics of anatomy and physiology. Face, neck and neckline muscle.
  • Central nervous system. Lymphatic and cardiovascular system.
  • Main face massage lines, anatomic review. Indications and contraindications for massage. Types of massage and how to do it.
  • Classic face massage.
  • Practicing classic massage.
  • Classic massage. Jacquet massage. Plastic massage
  • Types of peels and peculiarities of their action on the skin. The mechanism of action of peels.
  • Chemical, mechanical, enzymatic peels.
  • Classification of chemical peels(superficial, median, deep.)
  • Indications and contraindications. Pre-peeling and post-peeling care.
  • Drawing up individual programs. Calculation of the cost of procedures.
  • Home care recommendations.
  • Practicing skills on models.
  • Makeup basics. Modeling and coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Correction and coloring of eyebrows. Working out on models
  • Microcurrent therapy. Myostimulation. Microdermabrasion.
  • Hardware cosmetology. Ultrasonic scrubber. Darsonval.
  • Hardware cosmetology. Ultrasonic face cleansing. Procedure protocol
  • Practicing skills.
  • Depilation. Epilation. Shugaring. Waxes. Types of waxes. Techniques of work
  • Combinations of techniques. Preparing skin for the procedure.
  • Practicing skills on the topics learned. Consulting with clients.
  • Drawing up protocols of procedures. Home care recommendations.
  • Injection techniques. Modern and affordable methods of injection cosmetology
  • Overview demonstration
  • Exam and testing. Practicing received skills on invited models.

Information on the topics of the lessons

Methodology, which does not need any advertainment, but demands knowledge! We will teach you how to work with certified drugs Dysport, Botox, Xeomin,    we will attach individual attention to each student and explain all niceties of the process.

If you don’t want any surprises in working with clients, but want some gratitude, you find accurately the right place!

The most common sequels are abscess, sepsis, nerve damage, etc. Unfortunately, nobody has aт immunity to sequels. They have been around since needles and syringes were invented. On the other hand, because of centuries-old existence of a problem of complications from injection intervention, it has been thoroughly studied and effective treatments have been developed.

Face anatomy is the first one, what every professional cosmetologist must know. High-quality contour plastic is impossible without basic knowledge, also as cosmetic or cosmetological effects. Before proceeding with the elimination of the problem of the skin of the face with which the patient has applied, a real specialist will assess the problem, with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter, determine the asymmetry, the location of small vessels and nerve fibers, select the right amount and dosage of the drug and make an injection with a confident precise movement, which will ensure the shortest terms of rehabilitation after the procedure.

The real alternative to plastic surgery! Methodology, which let you to return youth of your clients.bThe main advantages are minimal trauma and the fastest result. Procedure doesn’t need such big amount of time to operate and rehabilitation like plastic surgery. We will teach you how to correct the shape, volume and contours of the face through the introduction of fillers. Also, in our courses you will learn a complex method of solving the requests with which a client comes to you. For example, very often, when there is a deep nasolabial fold, it is necessary to increase the volume of the cheekbone and chin, then the need for correction of the nasolabial fold itself will disappear. It is not the problem that needs to be corrected, but its cause, then a good result is guaranteed.

On training on working with peels teachers will acquaint you with the classification of peels, the principles of the action of acids — the main acting chemical agents of peels, the possibilities of combining with other cosmetic techniques to solve the most pressing aesthetic problems. They will also teach you how to work with any chemical peeling, and detailed schemes for the use of specific surface and middle chemical peels, indications and contraindications for their use.

Beautiful body and skin are the basic for creation of attractive look. That’s why more and more people have started to be interested in hardware methods of body shaping and improving the quality of the skin. If you want to expand the range of knowledge and add these services to your portfolio, it’s time to sign up for our course, where we will teach you all the intricacies of hardware cosmetology.

What will you learn after completing the Basic Care module?

Our team:

Sudina Victoria Igorevna

Dermatovenereologist, injectionist

mesotherapy, contour plastics, biorevitalization, botulinum therapy specialist

Merkulova Marina Evgenievna

Practicing cosmetologist with medical education

has a work experience for 17 years, makeup artist with experience on TV (13 years), eyebrow master, permanent make-up specialist

Bilinsky Dmitry Alexandrovich

Doctor of Law, advocate.

Dyachek Vitaly Vasilievich

PhD in Economics, docent, director of the Gold Clinic Medical Center.Lecturer of the certified program management of healthcare organizations

Kulik Yulia Yurievna

Practicing phycologist

Possokhova Irina Yurievna

Cosmetologist with 16 years of experience

Cosmetologist with 16 years of experience

Shuba Tatiana Petrovna

Phd in Economics, docent of Karazin university

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